Welcome to the website of PROTAN Zrt.

Founded in 1993, PROTAN Information Security Consulting Services Co. was one of the first companies in Hungary in the field of IT security.
Our range of services includes the development of processes for the ongoing security of our customers, as well as the design and maintenance of tools necessary to achieve that goal.
Our range of services for secure operation:

  • Risk assessment: a prerequisite for cost-effective protection is to be familiar with risks with a damage potential.
  • Business continuity planning: in case any risks that cannot be efficiently handled are present.
  • Security process control: : to manage and continuously monitor security.

Among other things, we provide the following services to maintain our customers' security:

  • Information security audit: to review compliance with security rules.
  • Technical vulnerability assessment: : to prevent damage arising from the vulnerabilities of the ever-changing world of information technology.
  • Information system monitoring: to reduce the time of IT error detection and repair, and to create IT reports of real value.
  • IT log analysis: to improve the transparency of system events, and to support incident management.
  • Physical security audit: to review compliance with physical security rules.

In addition to our core activities, we also provide various supplementary services related to knowledge management, industry security and preparation for quality certification.
For a detailed description of such services see "Services", or feel free to contact us at the phone number +36 1 274 54 80, or send us an e-mail to protan@protan.hu and info@protan.hu.