Physical and environmental security - Introduction

Its requirements are specified in the 27001:2006 standard, while a uniform structure is provided by the ISO/IEC 17799:2006 practical guide.

As described in the standard, physical security is an inseparable part of information security.
The purpose of protection:
  • to guarantee the physical security of our customers? premises, buildings and other facilities, based on physical and legal boundaries,
  • the protection of the life and physical security of persons within those boundaries,
  • the protection of assets owned or managed by our customers, the property protection of various facilities, pieces of equipment, devices and objects, as well as their physical condition.
The protection system must be capable of detecting and preventing violent intrusions, attacks, unauthorized logins, logouts and system use, as well as unauthorized transactions involving tangible assets. Furthermore, the protection system must have fire detection and other related active and passive capabilities.