On-site support for facility security surveillance

If you or you company does not have a physical security system in place, PROTAN provides you the following services in connection with the establishment of the system:
  1. In the preparation stage:
    • preparation of a survey after a site visit, consultation with the management and reviewing the activities of the organization,
    • conducting a risk assessment for the company,
    • making a general proposal concerning the system to be developed, thereby helping the bid solicitation process.
  2. After the bidding stage:
    • reviewing and evaluating completed plans,
    • proposal for necessary modifications.
  3. Implementation support:
  4. monitoring system implementation, carrying out the necessary modifications, amending design documents after implementation in accordance with the new situation, preparation of and participation in delivery. For systems already in operation, the following services are available: system condition assessment, "necessary and sufficient protection" provided by the system, risk assessment, recommendations for enhancing the system. For newly installed systems and those already in operation, the complete or partial supervision of the system is performed on site at your request, covering the following activities: continuous monitoring of system operation and indication of any issues identified, participation in resolving issues, supervision of the execution of maintenance and repair activities, access card rights, access management, transport, management of third-party work, investigation of extraordinary events, supervision of protection done by personnel, participation in the creation of documents governing operation, recommendations for enhancing the system, supervision of the implementation thereof. Partial supervision means the performance of only some of the above items.