Log analysis

A basic requirement for today?s computer systems is the continuous logging of transactions, events and changes, as well as the processing and proper storage of event records. A further task is to store and process the resulting large volume of data in a secure and certified manner. Stored events must be processed according to various aspects, and certain incidents require instant notification to the competent parties.

After appropriate assessment, we can select the optimal log analysis system for our customers, develop the required parameters, and set the security monitoring and logging processes necessitated by the selected systems, as well as make daily or monthly reports based on the relevant processes. We can also operate the entire system if necessary.


  • manual analysis,
  • application-assisted log analysis (using Novell Sentinel, Logcheck, etc.),
  • based on standard rules,
  • based on customized rules,
  • creating a log analysis centre.

Possible areas of log analysis, e.g. applications: SAP, Lotus Notes, operating systems: HPUX, OS2, databases: Oracle, SQL, hardware devices: Linux server, Windows server, Novell server, Vmware), data network tools: e.g. Cisco, 3Com

Upon request, we can audit the systems established, as well as perform log monitoring, log processing or incident analysis activities.