Information security monitoring service

In today's companies, where operation is primarily based on information technology support, it is important that security requirements and levels are separately controlled by experts with the relevant information security competence.

Such competencies can only be maintained based on up-to-date knowledge, the acquisition of which is not always supported by companies due to lack of human or financial resources. We are prepared to provide a resident IT/information security supervisor if need be. An advantage of this would be that the supervisor could take the necessary measures on site and perform decision support activities based on his or her expertise
If an organization already has an IT/information security supervisor, but that person is not able to handle all relevant tasks on his or her own, we can provide comprehensive support. In this case, all experts of PROTAN are at the security supervisor's disposal, furnishing him or her with all necessary information about any security-related issue.

Such support may be of various kinds including consultation, making strategies or plans, supplying reports to company management, creating or reviewing policies, managing in-company security projects, developing security procedures, organizing and holding internal security training, etc.