Security training

Companies usually expect their employees to have basic information technology skills, which, however, do not include security-related issues at present. Security expectations vary from company to company, and therefore security training must also be provided in-house.

An adequate security policy is not enough; it must also be presented to the staff, and compliance with it must also be ensured. Attitudes also need to be shaped because the biggest problems are often caused by accidental damage that could have prevented through appropriate training. Therefore, regular training is to be provided. In companies where new regulations and information security expectations are presented regularly (e.g. through annual retraining), there are fewer incidents, and issues can be resolved in a shorter time. We organize different types of training, e.g. for new entrants, or about new regulations for information technologists and business experts.
Separate training courses are designed for managers, with a customized syllabus.

Our courses cover the following topics: IT training, information security, increasing security awareness.

Furthermore, it is recommended to repeat each course annually at a higher level because staff knowledge needs to be expanded as time goes by. If necessary, we organize end-of-course tests or exams to evaluate the effectiveness of the course and to improve efficiency.