Remote monitoring of network perimeter protection devices

Today's companies would hardly be able to survive without an Internet connection based on state-of-the-art information technology. However, internal company data need to be isolated from the Internet, even if the relevant services are in connection with or accessible from the Internet. Therefore, the protection and monitoring of Internet-related devices is a priority. This requires further IT resources, and an efficiency-focused organization is usually unable to properly manage this task.

PROTAN can remotely monitor the operation of network security devices and other equipment within the scope of service located on the customers? premises, and make a report on their availability on a monthly, or even weekly, basis.

  • verification of device operation:
    • IP ping,
    • SNMP verification: using resident programs and modules, e.g. ZEN,
  • The service can be provided using the following systems: Nagios, Sentinel, etc.