Operation and supervision of information security systems

Today's security systems do not only need to be installed but also kept under continuous control, and logged incidents need to be processed and analyzed. We offer our expertise and capacities in this area so that your organization can focus on its core business. We help you to choose the best system and implement the proper structure. We give you advice concerning the design of firewall systems, their ideal settings, the establishment of protection and monitoring systems, the introduction of IDS, IPS and authentication systems, as well as the use of ACE and ACS systems.
We can provide you assistance in the following areas:
  • access and identity management,
  • single sign-on (SSO),
  • selection of identity management systems,
  • introduction of identity management systems,
  • secure access ? electronic IDs, certificates,
  • electronic certificate management,
  • design of access management procedures,
  • design of monitoring and logging systems,
  • syslog, log analysis.
You will be notified immediately in case of any problems or unauthorized access, so you can take the necessary countermeasures. We can install these systems, as well as operate and maintain them, either on site or remotely. In case of any defect, we indicate it to you, and repair it within the agreed time frame. We make monthly reports on defects and system availability.