Information security

New threats are increasingly sophisticated, complex and numerous, and therefore new protection techniques are required. The time of harmless hackers and curious students is over. Today fraud is conducted on a commercial basis, and abusive tools are designed by experts. To be able to manage this situation, new tools and new methods are necessary.

Today's comprehensive security architectures do not only consist of firewalls and intrusion detection, intrusion prevention and network segmentation tools, but also procedures and policies, which also need to be closely defined and documented. We design both complete systems and individual system constituents.

Our new techniques support the security of our customers based on protection measures detecting threats, preventing the occurrence of incidents, and mitigating harmful effects. We track unusual processes, operational faults, as well as attacks coming from either inside or outside.
We analyze the risks present in our customers' systems, and help to detect and later eliminate them.

Today, no organization is able to function properly without an adequately controlled computer system. The system-related activities of the organizational units using, developing or operating the systems need to be described. Along with other documentation, operating and user manuals need to be prepared.

These describe the organizational and activity items and obligations necessary for the secure operation of system elements. Today's sophisticated systems are inoperable without these components. To ensure the proper functioning of business processes, information security, data protection, Internet use, mailing, etc. policies must be created and maintained. In addition to being created, such policies need to be updated on a regular basis.

We perform the above tasks in accordance with local and international rules and regulations, ensuring that our customers are legally compliant, less exposed to information risks, and ultimately more successful in business.