Critical infrastructure protection

Modern society faces a serious challenge in the 21st century. Today society is increasingly knowledge-based. Industrial structures have undergone significant changes, and information technology has acquired a central role. Modern societies are very dependent on technical and virtual infrastructure systems. Disturbances, damage to or the destruction of components within those systems or in production as a whole have a huge impact on economy.

Past experience has shown that manufacturing companies and service providers need to be prepared to overcome unexpected disturbances, or, failing that, manage such emergencies. Governments have passed laws and decrees to address these issues. Key importance should be attached to the protection of critical infrastructures. To ensure critical infrastructure elements are protected against terrorist attacks, natural disasters, accidents and wilful misconduct, it is essential that we are able to prevent, minimize and manage disturbances in and the tampering of these infrastructures.
PROTAN as a consultancy firm has recognized the importance of this problem. We have long been and are still providing critical infrastructure protection services. The operation of critical infrastructures and their protection against risk factors are a priority issue for the population, infrastructure owners, operators and market players. Measures that promote protection and safe operation are of great value.
For critical infrastructures, investigation methods aligned with the infrastructure must be defined. Using those methods, the systems and elements within the scope of the infrastructure need to be identified. These are to be classified according to their priority and impact, and an operator security plan must be made.
At your request, PROTAN provides advisory and implementation services for the development and, if necessary, execution of critical infrastructure protection activities. The documents created during the work must be constantly maintained, revised and updated. Owners and operators are also required to do that by government regulations. PROTAN can perform this task on an ongoing basis, developing the necessary working documents, reviewing compliance with the requirements set forth therein, and properly updating them if need be.