Development of an education system

One of the prerequisites for a successful organization is the employment of appropriately skilled and trained associates. This is partly dependent on the recruitment process, but it mainly depends on the ability of the company to train new entrants efficiently and successfully, maintain employee skills at the desired level, and realize continuous development.

The training and integration of new employees is often a very time-consuming and resource-intensive process, primarily as regards the acquisition of practical knowledge, particularly if the position in question requires special skills that are sometimes specific to the relevant organization. If the training process is poorly organized or fails to provide the very skills that are actually needed, the lengthy and resource intensive training process will fail to yield the desired results.

Apart from initial training, the ever-changing environment forces each organization to ensure its employees? knowledge and skills are continuously updated. Most importantly, each associate should master the skills necessitated by a change in his or her position, organization or any other factor at the appropriate time and with the appropriate content.

Well aware of the importance of the principle of "lifelong learning", organizations make increasing efforts to continuously develop their employees. However, the costs of retraining courses will never yield a return if the associates are retrained in the wrong field or using wrong methods. In other cases, there is not enough time for participation in retraining courses because of the excess amount of everyday work.

We can assess and enhance your education/training system. As part of the assessment, we identify the properties and special features of your education system and develop the possible steps of enhancement, customized to your specific needs. Based on the findings of the survey, we define the tasks and methods of implementation in detail. We can assist you in identifying the exact scope of knowledge to be acquired during initial training, updates and retraining (training needs), improving your training processes, and developing and introducing custom methods to achieve higher effectiveness and efficiency in training and education.