Service description - Knowledge base

In our knowledge-based society, the most important asset of each organization is the knowledge of its employees. Organizations are fundamentally interested in promoting the sharing of knowledge acquired by their employees as otherwise all knowledge would be lost when an employee ceases to work for the company, including those skills that have been acquired as a result of being a member, an employee of the organization.

Some of the knowledge can be formalized, documented. Without making any special efforts, every organization generates loads of documents, the complexity of which includes a fundamental part of the organizational knowledge, but the existence of those documents is not necessarily evident, or they may not be available to those who need them. This issue can be resolved using state-of-the-art IT tools.

We can provide our customers with a knowledge base application capable of systematically storing knowledge-carrying documents, and make them available to the employees. The knowledge base application can customized to the specific needs of each company, allows the implementation of individual categorization systems, and includes several search functions. No significant IT investment is required for the introduction of the application. The system is accessible at any time from any workstation with an Internet connection.

We can develop and fully implement knowledge base systems, customized to our customers? specific needs. Following the assessment of needs, we develop customized settings within the knowledge base system, participate in filling the system with content, train the associates on how to use the system, contribute to developing and implementing the operational processes of the system, and, if necessary, continuously improve the system.